Native Indian Football Association

Established 1990 ~ BC and Canada

NIFA International Charter January 18th, 2012

To all indigenous peoples and soccer organizations to whom this presents comes ,
The NIFA recognizes that Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and control their cultural autonomy and sacred heritage of oral traditions and sacred ceremonies, through football(soccer)sport and traditional games , We are calling on indigenous leaders and football  sport organizations to take effective measures to recognize and protect these protocols that give indigenous peoples to exercise these rights.
The NIFA seeks to promote lasting partnerships and relationships between and among indigenous peoples using football (soccer) as a positive contribution to the lives of Indigenous peoples with the goal of understanding and strengthening cooperation between Indigenous peoples and between Indigenous and non- Indigenous peoples.
The NIFA Organization is a Vision of the right for all Indigenous soccer nations participate and play football (soccer) at the level of their personal commitment. Coaching Education that must be of the highest standards where holistic approaches and technical competency which lead to wellness, health and physical activity, are key factors to supporting all players in life and football.
The NIFA will ensure that Indigenous children, teens and adults receive full protection and guarantees under International  Law and FIFAs International rules ,and that indigenous people and respective countries  have the right to maintain and develop international competitions and cultural gatherings that provide the opportunity to witness and share the cultural diversity that exists in the world.
The NIFA will support and work with all international Indigenous soccer organization and football federations promoting indigenous football development through competitions and tournaments, ranging from local, to regional, to international competitions that promote football and cultural celebration.
The NIFA will promote equity and access to all individuals and will eliminate all types of racism and discrimination creating a safe environment for the betterment of football (soccer). NIFA will promote the FIFA world wide promotion of Sportsmanship and Fairplay with all Indigenous football organizations and football federations. 
In the spirit of prosperity and mutual respect, NIFA football and the Indigenous spirit of Sovereign Nations, we will develop the balance for future generations in the global Indigenous community and the world community that will provide holistic development in all Indigenous communities and traditional lands, on mother earth. To our Creator, we thank you.
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March 26, 2017
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