This Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) dated this First Day,
of September 2011, is made by and between the
Native Indian Football Association Society- BC, Canada (“NIFA”)
and Southwest Youth Services - Indigenous Soccer Cup (“SYS”).  

1. The Native Indian Football Association Society
The NIFA Society was established in 1990 to develop and foster aboriginal soccer players who wish to aspire to the highest standards of football. The vision is to fully realize a one vision strategy for the sport of football soccer born:

·To deliver a high quality of soccer programs of all ages and both genders at grassroots and elite programs;
·To provide coaches with the necessary coaching education tools for every program of development;
·To recruit , support and provide training for coaches, trainers and medical staff to the highest levels and standards required in sport development to support athletes;
·To foster skill development and educational athletic achievement for every athlete; and
·To promote a holistic approach that will recognize the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being of athletes and coaches.
2. Southwest Youth Services
Southwest Youth Services’ Indigenous Soccer Cup (ISC) was established in 2006 to promote health and wellness, college preparation, youth leadership and youth resiliency, utilizing soccer as its venue. The ISC is open to Native American youth from communities across the United States and Canada:

·To raise the standard of skill and healthy lifestyles for Native American  youth in the United States and Canada;
·To promote college preparation through educational workshops;
·To develop high level Native American coaches throughout the United States and Canada;
·To promote culturally competent Native American youth leadership workshops and life skills sessions as a National Native Youth Leadership Conference; and
·To promote the development of high level Native American soccer players and coaches throughout the United States and Canada.
1. The Native Indian Football Association Society
The NIFA vision is promote Soccer (Football) and provide opportunities for aboriginal soccer players that will foster soccer development within aboriginal communities in Canada and North America; where holistic sport models that recognize the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth and well-being.
By using Soccer (football) as the catalyst NIFA will work in building relationships and partnerships to develop sustainable on-going programs for the aboriginal community, through sports organizations, soccer communities , the NIFA Nations Cup , Aboriginal Youth Super Cup, NIFA Youth Soccer and on-going cultural and soccer tours around the world. NIFA will work to develop with SYS an active soccer strategy that will ensure soccer (football) is developed and promoted at all levels in respective aboriginal & Native American communities. 

2. Southwest Youth Services
SYS is fully focused on supporting, assisting, and sustaining positive community development initiatives focused on the Native American populations in the United States and Canada. SYS is committed to collaborating with Native American communities to provide their youth the opportunity to participate in the Annual Indigenous Soccer Cup, a National Native Youth Leadership Conference. SYS work with the NIFA to begin the planned initiatives and to impart on providing soccer programming to their respective aboriginal communities.

In the best interests of the NIFA and SYS, athletes and coaches, it is deemed necessary to develop this traditional and cultural MOU based on mutual respect and working together. The goal of this MOU is to work in partnership to promote the great world game of football/soccer to Indigenous and Aboriginal communities of North America through the SYS Indigenous Soccer Cup (ISC).
This formalized relationship between the NIFA and SYS will allow for both Parties to:
1.Work together to raise the standards of football/soccer in Aboriginal and Native American communities across North America;
2.Develop National and North American competitions and tournament across North America;
3.Raise the standards of coaches to regional, national and international levels;
4.Promote the finest holistic sport models for every aboriginal soccer athlete in North America;
5.Promote the importance of Culture and Education at all soccer camps and competitions in North America; and
6.Utilize football/soccer as the catalyst to promote health, wellness and physical activity as a way of life for Aboriginal youth and Native American youth.

The term of this MOU shall be effective from September 1, 2011 until September 1, 2013, or, until terminated by either party as set out in Section H of this MOU. Either party may seek to renew this Agreement for an additional term upon the approval of the other party.

The terms of this MOU shall continue in force for the contract period and may be terminated by either party with 90 days written notice. In the case of such termination, all responsibilities incurred prior to such notice of termination pursuant to this agreement shall be carried out. The NIFA and SYS mutually agree to review the agreement herein every year from the date of initial approval.

On behalf of the Native Indian Football Association and Southwest Youth Services- Indigenous Soccer Cup, we support the relationship and partnership of this MOU, in principle the development of football/soccer in North America. Any agreement to change the terms of this memorandum in any way shall be valid only if the change is made in writing and approved by mutual agreement of the parties hereto.


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